Today I was inconvenienced. 
Let me tell you what happened. 
We’re running low on baby wipes at home, so my task for the day after leaving church was to go get some. I left the church at 2:45pm and headed out on my quest with the high expectations of being home no later than 3:30pm. I quickly found out that my expectation was going to be far from reality.
I drove to CVS arrogantly thinking that I’d leave there with what I needed. I was wrong.
Then I drove to Rite Aid, confident that their shelves would be stocked with wipes. I was wrong again.
I drove across the street to Safeway pretty much expecting the same thing. Once again…wrong.
My next stop was Walgreens, where I was hopeful that they would have them. Nope.
Finally, I drove across the street to Raley’s where in my head I was thinking: “I should have gone there in the first place. They had everything I needed last time.” Incorrect…kind of.
After driving around for nearly an hour and half all I ended up finding (or being allowed to purchase) were two packs of 42 count flushable wipes. With a baby that pretty much runs dirty all the time, I say this would last us a day and half. Regardless, I took my bounty and went home. And what was originally supposed to be 3:30pm ended up being more like 4:45pm. 
So why tell you all of this?
Because for the past four weeks whenever anyone has asked me: “Do you have everything you need?” I’ve responded with something along the lines of: “We’ve blessed to find everything we need, every time we have gone to the store.”
And in a world where no one can find toilet paper, or flour, or canned goods, or wipes, today the narrative was different for me. For the first time in almost four weeks, I can honestly say today is the first time that I was irritated and frustrated by something other people have been vocal about–something that up until that point I have not experienced. 
I was inconvenienced.
As I was driving home, I thought about this. And the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that I am extremely blessed. Those 42 count flushable wipes were a blessing. The reality that I was able to find something that may only last me for a couple days is a blessing. The reality that in a world where no one can find toilet paper, or flour, or canned goods, or wipes–wipes of any shape or size are a blessing. The fact that I have gone four weeks without this kind of inconvenience is a blessing.
I am blessed.
We are blessed.
But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not always easy for us to see it that way. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the blessings that God provides when they are right in front of us. Sometimes we want God to come through in “big” ways that we take for granted the “small” ways that He is continually blessing us. (And in reality, there are no small blessings–they’re all big.) Listen to the words of James:
James 1:17 
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…
Every blessing, every gift, regardless of size, visibility, length, or any other quantifying factor has been hand selected for us to receive by God. That’s a pretty cool thought. That’s a pretty big promise.
If we remained mindful of this, I think it would drastically alter the way we viewed life. Especially in the season we’re living in.
So instead of driving around, inconvenienced because we couldn’t find wipes, we would be grateful for the provision that God had already offered up until that point. 
Instead of growing frustrated with our finances, we would recognize the riches that God has already and will continue to pour out on us.
Instead of being angry with the “stay at home” order and the fact that we can’t go do our normal “non-essential” activities, we can remember that those things will still exist when this is all said and done. 
We still have family.
We still have friends. 
We still have church.
We are blessed.
And God has hand picked everyone on of those blessing just for you. That’s a pretty cool thought. That’s a pretty big promise.
So here are a few questions for all of us to consider:
What area of life do you fail to give God the recognition for the blessings you’ve experienced?
What do you need to do in order to cultivate a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving?
Are you inconvenienced or is it just your own needs and wants getting the way of what God may desire?
And let me leave you with this promise of blessing:
Numbers 6:24-26
The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
We are blessed.
-Pastor Cody

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  1. Rebecca Sims says:

    My cup runneths over I am beyond blessed! We have all we need and more. My area is life outside of the house and people. Steve has been great with extra superb hugs, to fill my void of interaction. For me, I just want to get back to in person! I couldn’t ask for more than we’ve been given!

  2. Tracy couch says:

    Next time call me 209-303-3575we have extra. I live by the church so if you need some still let me know.

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